The following policies ensure all of our players have a great time in our rooms:

Late Policy – Please arrive 15 minutes early in order to complete check in and get introduced to your game. The countdown clock for your room will start with or without players within five minutes of your booking time in order to keep the entire day’s schedule running for others throughout the day. If you are more than five minutes late you can enter your room to play with the time remaining.

Reschedule Policy – If one member of a large group can not make it to the reserved game, we will give you a free pass for a future game. We will reschedule up to 48 hours in advance, please call so we can help you. We do not reschedule or provide refunds on the day of the game.

Cancellation Policy – We do not cancel game reservations within 48 hours of the game. There are no refunds within 48 hours of a game time.

Refunds – There are no refunds for those who do not make it to their game or are expelled from the game. We staff our facility based on the reservations system. Your game time starts at the reserved time in order to accommodate players throughout the day.

Age Limit – All participants must be at least twelve years of age. Not all rooms are appropriate for younger players. Twelve to fifteen year olds must also be accompanied by an adult. Sixteen and seventeen year olds should print the waiver to have a guardian sign and bring it with them in case an adult is not accompanying the player.

Safety – Please be courteous and safe while playing our games. You do not need to stand on furniture or climb in order to complete the game.

Behavior – Escape Room Games are a great way to start a party, but require your intelligence and creativity to make the experience. Please arrive straight and sober. We reserve the right to exclude individuals from the game due to intoxication or inappropriate behavior. Treat our employees with respect at all times and follow instructions as directed.

Photography – please no recording in our rooms. We have dedicated ourselves to designing a unique experience for our players that is not available anywhere else. You can purchase a gift card to share the experience with others!

Damage – Players will be held responsible for damage they cause. Our rooms are designed to take the heavy use that players engage in through searching and game play. Items that are not needed to complete the game will be securely fastened in place and/or labeled with a Do Not Touch sticker. Players will be held responsible for blatant destruction of property or using excessive force on items.