Your team of 2-10 will enter a room, search for clues, solve puzzles and work your way through to escape in 60 minutes! In our immersive experiences you can even get hints when needed by your enthusiastic game master.

Team work, communication, and problem solving help you move forward searching for clues, solving puzzles and finally escaping, if you can!




  • dreamerinmotion Avatar

    5 star rating Exhilarating Adventure! We had no idea that an escape room could be so intelligently constructed and the atmosphere pumped up our adrenaline.... read more

    dreamerinmotion 10/14/2018
    Cassidy L. Avatar

    5 star rating Super fun night out with friends. Kolton with a K was an awesome host and definitely deserves a raise!

    There were... read more

    Cassidy L. 9/26/2018
    michelelX7961CG Avatar

    5 star rating Great night with Family ❤️ We had a awesome time tonight. I went with my daughter and her boyfriend and my friend. We did the... read more

    michelelX7961CG 9/21/2018
  • Lauren D. Avatar

    5 star rating Fun, Clever, & Accommodating Myself, my husband, my MIL, and our 17 month old were looking for fun stuff to do during a rainy... read more

    Lauren D. 9/20/2018
    Linnea S. Avatar

    Just escaped from the Northfork Cabin room today with my hubs and best friend (all three of us were newbies.)... read more

    Linnea S. 9/15/2018
    Tim B. Avatar

    Game was awesome! Staff was extremely friendly and organized. The puzzles were very good! Definitely recommend and would play there again!

    Tim B. 9/15/2018
  • daz1249 Avatar

    5 star rating Teamwork = Success We took a day off from hiking in Glacier to try our luck with the Vigilante game at Hidden Key... read more

    daz1249 9/12/2018
    number1penguin Avatar

    5 star rating Great for parties! Our 14 year old wanted to do an escape room for her birthday, and she had a blast! The Vigilante... read more

    number1penguin 9/08/2018
    Nicole D. Avatar

    We did the vigilante room and escaped with only 3 min to spare! The puzzles were challenging but definitely doable,... read more

    Nicole D. 9/06/2018
  • Ron K. Avatar

    5 star rating A lot of fun We had a lot of fun. These escape rooms need to tread a fine line between too easy and too... read more

    Ron K. 8/23/2018
    Valerie C. Avatar

    5 star rating Great staff & great fun! The game was just the right difficulty for four of us to solve with only a few seconds to spare!... read more

    Valerie C. 8/21/2018
    Chuckindy Avatar

    5 star rating Great opportunity to work together! Our family went to their first escape room last year and were thrilled there was a second one to try... read more

    Chuckindy 8/18/2018
  • Kyle H. Avatar

    5 star rating What do you get when you're trapped in an escape room cabin with your family?   Fighting, laughing, surprises and... read more

    Kyle H. 7/28/2018
    Lee E. Avatar

    5 star rating Had a lot of fun. Great escape room and enthusiastic staff. Thanks!  Will be back when we come back to Whitefish.

    Lee E. 7/27/2018
    Anthony S. Avatar

    First Time Ever!!!!! Had a BLAST with my family. We beat the game with 15 minutes to spare but it... read more

    Anthony S. 7/26/2018