Your team of 2-10 will enter a room, search for clues, solve puzzles and work your way through to escape in 60 minutes! In our immersive experiences you can even get hints when needed by your enthusiastic game master.

Team work, communication, and problem solving help you move forward searching for clues, solving puzzles and finally escaping, if you can!




  • Margaret S. Avatar

    Taylor was a great Game Master to work with. Thanks. It was an awesome experience shared with a group of... read more

    Margaret S. 5/18/2019
    SirDerpalot Avatar

    5 star rating Justin the BBB keeper Master of inside jokes and witty remarks. Thanks for the hand holding and stain finding. We had a blast!

    SirDerpalot 5/18/2019
    Jessica C. Avatar

    Justin was hilarous! His sense of humor made this already great experience even better! Great team building event!!!

    Jessica C. 5/11/2019
  • Jason P. Avatar

    Justin was great, he was funny and informative in getting the escape room instructions out lined.

    Jason P. 5/08/2019
    Becky C. Avatar

    5 star rating Great Team Activity We had a fantastic time! This is a great Team Building exercise and drives home the importance of communication... read more

    Becky C. 5/08/2019
    Ashley M. Avatar

    Had a great time even though my team mates were slackers and we didn’t make it out. 😉 Beth was... read more

    Ashley M. 4/27/2019
  • DJ O. Avatar

    5 star rating Great team building exercise. Challenging but very fun. Would absolutely go again! We did this is a team building exercise for our... read more

    DJ O. 4/27/2019
    Angie Z. Avatar

    5 star rating Great fun for all ages! The staff were engaging and made our visit memorable. The escape rooms were put together very well and definitely gave... read more

    Angie Z. 4/24/2019
    Tiredmommy17 Avatar

    5 star rating Family fun Had a blast with my family. We will definitely be back! Highly recommend this for family and friends. I think... read more

    Tiredmommy17 4/17/2019
  • Rob B. Avatar

    5 star rating very fun and different from anything else to do for family night. great for all ages. Beth our Game master was fantastic. we had a party of 4 and everyone of us came away with a... read more

    Rob B. 4/15/2019
    Rob B. Avatar

    We had a fantastic time, it was challenging but fun. Thanks Beth for great instructions! We will definitely be back!

    Rob B. 4/14/2019
    thespaceduck g. Avatar

    Taylor bolan did a really good job and we would like to go there again

    thespaceduck g. 4/07/2019
  • Tom D. Avatar

    10/10 would recommend to a friend! I've already gone two separate times and loved every bit of it! The staff... read more

    Tom D. 3/28/2019
    2016KL Avatar

    5 star rating Wonderful family time! This was our first time ever to an Escape Room and we had a blast! The game master was so... read more

    2016KL 3/28/2019
    Anthony W. Avatar

    My wife and I had a wonderful experience doing our first escape room! The atmosphere was really engaging and there... read more

    Anthony W. 3/24/2019