Your team of 2-10 will enter a room, search for clues, solve puzzles and work your way through to escape in 60 minutes! In our immersive experiences you can even get hints when needed by your enthusiastic game master.

Team work, communication, and problem solving help you move forward searching for clues, solving puzzles and finally escaping, if you can!




About Escape Games

We’re Open!


The Northfork Cabin game is open. We have games scheduled Tuesday through Saturday afternoons and evenings. Look at our Book Now page for times. The Vigilantes game has a planned opening in November. READ MORE

Who Do I Play With?


Teams of 2 – 10 people play at once. Our reservation system allows you to book as many of the available slots as you need. Private Bookings Private Bookings mean that we do... READ MORE

How Many People Can Play a Game?


2-10 people can play a game. The maximum number of players is determined by: the physical size of the space, as well as the number of puzzles available. Groups of this size are engaging and... READ MORE

How Hard Are Escape Rooms


You don’t have to worry about not being able to solve a puzzle. Clues are available during the game to help you. Our enthusiastic game masters will give you a clue when you... READ MORE

Am I Locked In a Room?


No, you are never actually locked inside a room. The way you enter the room is always available for you to exit through. This allows players who have to step out of the... READ MORE