Who Do I Play With?

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Teams of 2 – 10 people play at once. Our reservation system allows you to book as many of the available slots as you need.

Private Bookings

Private Bookings mean that we do not add other people to your group. If you only have a few people, no one else will be added to your game time.

The second half of October is all private bookings.

Public Bookings

Public Bookings means that other people can reserve a player slot during the same game time as you and you will play together as a team.

October 1 – 15 bookings are public. If you don’t reserve all of the player slots, the remaining slots are available for others to reserve who will play with your group.

Our game masters will introduce all players to enhance your teamwork experience. Make new friends with others who are out to have a great time and love escape rooms too! Some of the best games are the result of this kind of new dynamic.

If you want to play in early October and do not want others added to a small group, you would have to pay for all player slots to guarantee that no one else is added to the room.