Hidden Key Escape Games can come to you! Our mobile game can be hosted in your space for 40, 60, up to 200 people for a large group team building adventure! A full one hour game ideally suited for team building or as a mixer to get people working together. Cooperative or Competitive versions are available in this mobile game to meet your needs.

Shipwrecked, your band of compatriots find yourselves stranded on a deserted island. As your food supply runs low, a ship sees your distress call and drops anchor. You watch with trepidation as the pirates disembark, realizing you will either have a new life or certain death. When they land on the beach you gather your courage and approach them. In a rough voice the captain says, “If Ye scalawags help us find the treasure on this island then ye may join me crew, take a share in the booty and spend yer days sailing the seven seas.”

A short version of this mobile game is also available for parties. Smaller groups can wander in to play a 10-15 minute version. Fun for very large groups in informal party settings.

Call 406-823-0564 or email us at hiddenkeyescapegames@gmail.com for more information and scheduling. Let us make your team building event a memorable one! We can modify this game to fit your goals – Competitive, cooperative, mixer, varied teams or set your own.