You have searched all over the Flathead Valley to find your partner has disappeared, You get the gut feeling something as gone terribly wrong you go to the hospital and was told that your partner was transferred to Blanchard Lake Sanitarium in Whitefish. You are now in a panic to get the the Sanitarium to find your partner to rescue them, as you have heard about the hush hush secret experiments that they are are conducting on the patients. You are aware that many people have disappeared and have never been seen again. You know that their must be some mistake, You only have been given access to the Sanitarium for 1 hour here is your chance to find your partner before they are lost forever and become Dr.John’s next experiment.

This game is recommend for 10 years and older as young children can get scared easily we will leave that up to you to decided if your little one can absorb bits of freaky then that would be up to you. If you are having an adult night out we suggest to find a babysitter so you can truly enjoy your experience

  • Number of Guests: 2-10
  • Cost per player $26.00 10 years and older