How to Choose a Game

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Our games have great reviews so you can’t make a bad choice! You should choose the theme that looks interesting to you. The success rates of our games are all about the same, we vary the clue system and make adjustments to make them about even.

You can read more about each of our games here: The Northfork Cabin and the Vigilantes.

The third game, Saving Camelot, will be opening this summer!

Booking the game of your choice:
  • During the week and on Sundays, book Choose Northfork Cabin or Vigilante Escape. Let us know which game to prepare for you during the booking process.
  • Friday nights and Saturday, book a specific game directly.

See our Book Now page for specific times.

If you are looking for something special give us a call! We will open for special occasions and business events outside of normal operating hours.