Simply amazing!

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This place is simply amazing! This was actually a really great brain game! We had so much fun and I would highly recommend it for anyone. The staff is wonderful!!! Make sure you book right away! Looking forward to the next game rooms!! About time we get something like this here.



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What a great place! Whether you are looking for a team-building exercise, or just want to have a great time with friends, this is well worth the money! Can’t wait for the next room!


Very interesting concept

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Very interesting concept, and I profusely enjoyed my group’s time in the cabin. Loved the little riddles and red herrings, and the gamemaster really made us feel welcome. My only disappointment is that I’ll have to wait for the building of new rooms so that we may enjoy the experience again!


Fantastic activity for the whole family

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We loved our evening at Hidden Key Escape Games! My parents were visiting, and this was a fantastic activity for the whole family. We really got to exercise our brains, teamwork, and communication. The game masters made it fun and exciting. I can’t wait to check out their upcoming escape rooms! This was definitely a night I’ll remember.