That’s One Way to Escape!

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A new door from one room to the other. The log cabin has four inch thick cedar walls. Lots of sweet cedar sawdust! Thanks Jim, great job on demolition and construction.

The Latest Statistics Are Out

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A big thank you to David and Lisa at REA for their diligent work.

There are almost 2,000 Escape Room companies in the US today. Hidden Key is one of them!

Read their article here.

Walls making Escape Game Rooms

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Walls are going up. This door is the entry to our first escape game room with the Game Master office to the side. Next will be electronics buried into the wall before sheetrock and paint.

The Most Important Key

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Got the key to the building last week. I was so excited with so much to do I forgot to post it!
I'll get better. There is so much to share.

Vigilante Headquarters

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We took a trip to Virginia City to do some research on our Vigilantes room. It was great inspiration and will give our rooms some wonderful touches. Most of the buildings were made of very plain wood, set in every direction you can imagine!


Vigilante Headquarters
The building identified as the Vigilante Headquarters of the mid 1860’s.


Vigilante Oath
A photo of the oath the original Vigilantes signed.


There are lots of stories as to the Vigilantes being good guys or just out to get rid of their enemies.


Dance Hall
This building was thought to be the dance hall in the 1860’s.


This was likely the building where a lot of the characters from the Vigilante and Sheriff Plummer time period spent some time.


Some interesting interior shots. The wallpaper and tin ceilings were in many buildings. Hurricane type lanterns were the lighting of the day. The white wall covering seemed to just be nailed on but interestingly didn’t rip.


An old shop
I read about women putting up white sheets inside their log cabins. I think this is what that would look like.


We are doing all we can to make sure you step back in time when you enter our Vigilantes room!

We’re Open!

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The Northfork Cabin game is open. We have games scheduled Tuesday through Saturday afternoons and evenings. Look at our Book Now page for times.

The Vigilantes game has a planned opening in November.

Looking for a Location

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I’m in the process of looking for a location in or around Whitefish. If you know of a great space that we can do our build out let us know!

Escape Games Conference

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I was lucky enough to be able to attend TransWorld’s Escape Game conference in Niagra Falls in April 2017. I learned a lot and met some really great people! I spent over a dozen hours listening to presenters on topics from marketing to puzzle design. I was able to join a couple of groups to play some games too! I came back even more enthused about bringing Escape Games to Whitefish and am moving up my schedule to open.  Looking for a great location!