Play the Northfork Cabin or Vigilante Escape Now!

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The Northfork Cabin Escape game is open and getting great reviews! The Vigilantes Escape Room Game is now open!

We have games available in the evenings during the week, weekend games are available afternoons and evenings. See our Book Now page for specific times.

If you are looking for something special give us a call! We will open for special occasions and business events outside of normal operating hours.

Book Online to Reserve your Game Time

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Our online booking system is easy to use and secure. Weekend games are booking early so reserve your game today! Choose your game, date, and time and how many people will be playing. If you are not certain how many will be coming, book now with the minimum you are sure will come. Bring more friends and they can pay at the door!

Any problems, give us a call and we’ll help.

If you are looking for a same day game, give us a call. Our booking system closes games four hours before start time but if we have time and staff we’ll add you in, just call!

Payment is due at the time of booking. Unfortunately we can’t make refunds because we are staffing to have your game ready for you! If you have to make a change at least a day ahead of time, give us a call and we will try to accommodate you.

Who Do I Play With?

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All of our games are Private Bookings, we don’t add other people to your game. Book as many of the available slots as you are sure will be coming to play. If you recruit more friends to join you, just bring them along! They can pay at the start of the game. We won’t be adding other people to your game. Reserve it and the whole game is yours!


How Many People Can Play?

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Two to ten people can play the Northfork Cabin Escape game. While one person may be able to complete the game, what fun is that?!? Two player teams have been able to successfully complete the game.

The maximum number of players is determined by:

  1. the physical size of the space, as well as
  2. the number of puzzles available.

Groups of this size are engagingĀ and entertaining for everyone. Consequently, putting more people into the game detracts from the experience of everyone playing.

We will test the Vigilantes game to determine the maximum size appropriate for that game.


How Hard Are Escape Rooms

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You don’t have to worry about not being able to solve a puzzle. Clues are available during the game to help you. Our enthusiastic game masters will give you a clue when you ask for it if you feel stuck. Every group gets three clues. You can even get an extra clue for checking in on facebook when you arrive!

Most teams are just a few steps away from getting out or will escape. Teams will need most of the hour to get through all of the puzzles in the game. We test and refine our games so that they are not too easy and not too hard.

Am I Locked In a Room?

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No, you are never actually locked inside a room. The way you enter the room is always available for you to exit through. This allows players who have to step out of the game the ability to do so. It also ensures that all of our guests are safe in any situation and can get out. However, you do not “escape” the game if you leave the way you come in. Every game has another way out. The fun comes from finding the clues and figuring out the story and puzzles of the room with your friends.