What Happens if You Don’t Escape in Time?

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Afraid you won’t escape? Wondering how an escape game ends? We get asked this quite a bit. You are never actually lock you in a room at Hidden Key, you can get out anytime you want. This is done primarily for safety in case of emergencies. Very few people actually walk out during the game.

At the end of your time a few things may happen:
  • If there aren’t any games booked after yours and you are close to success, we may let you have a few more minutes to finish puzzling on your own.
  • If there are other games booked we have to stay on schedule and may not have the flexibility to let you finish.

Either way, when your game is over, escape or not, we go over any puzzles you had questions about and show you any you didn’t get to experience. Because Escape Games generally aren’t played again we show you everything the game had to offer.

Like most puzzles, the more you play the better you get. Rely on your team, communication and ask for clues when you need them! Escape is close at hand.

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